Why choose a global e-invoicing solution?

The electronic invoice is a powerful tool promoted internationally that brings a multitude of benefits to companies. Although as a rule there are a number of similarities in e-invoicing projects between different countries, the multitude of types of formats, platforms, legal regulations or the level of technological development make the electronic invoicing differ from one country to another.

In Europe, the use of electronic invoicing has been greatly strengthened by the European Commission. In April 2020, all public administrations of the Union, both central and regional and local, are obliged to receive and process invoices in electronic format.

For its part, in Latin America, the electronic invoice as an electronic vocuher, is an instrument promoted and used by the different governments of the region, with the aim of reducing tax evasion.

In this sense, advances in this field point to the optimization of public mechanisms and the improvement of public accounting.

Advantages of a global e-invoicing solution

The specific casuistry of the different countries means that the sending and receiving of electronic invoices can become a real puzzle for companies and, to solve all the problems that may exist, the best option is to choose a global electronic invoice solution.

With the implementation of SERES' multi-country e-Invoice solution,companies will be able to benefit from a number of advantages:,

  • It adapts to the regulations in force in each country: it is a solution that meets all the legal and technical requirements established in each of the countries. In addition, electronic invoicing streamlines the entire workflow between subsidiaries or companies that are not located in the same country.
  • Coordination in the exchange of internal information: with our service your company will have a single point of collaboration in which the information is automatically integrated and from which you can generate your reports.
  • Visibility in real time: you will have all the information of your subsidiaries in real time, which will allow you a more efficient management of your treasury, your debts and accounts payable.
  • Global operator: each of your subsidiaries must not adapt to the same provider, but this adaptation will be made automatically and with a support and help service throughout the activation.

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